Light & Hope Energy Supplies Modules for Rooftop Solar Project in Jordan
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Light & Hope Energy has provided 3MW of photovoltaic modules to Yarmouk University, which is the largest rooftop solar project in Jordan to date.

The 3MW solar power system was designed for Yarmouk University, one of the highest institutions of higher education, and consists of a total of 9,232 solar panels distributed on the roofs of 29 buildings across the campus. In addition, the system generates 4.68 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, which not only meets the daily electricity needs of teachers and students, but also reduces carbon emissions by 290 metric tons per year. Kawar Energy, one of Jordan's largest renewable energy solution providers, developed, designed, and constructed this rooftop project with superior quality and speed to ensure the successful completion of the project.

Jordan is located in areas with extreme environmental conditions such as high temperatures, ultraviolet radiation and sandstorms. As a result, stringent requirements have been placed on the high reliability of solar modules deployed in the area. Light & Hope Energy's high-quality solar cell modules maintain good performance under every environmental condition and provide a strong guarantee for power generation. Light & Hope Energy has been a top component supplier in the Jordan market.

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